Ebal as a Temple

For the past three millennia, Jerusalem has been considered the site of the First Temple of Israel, built by King Solomon, son of King David. This book presents evidence that the Jerusalem temple was preceded by at least one temple. If the author is correct, then Mt. Ebal was actually the site of the First Temple of Israel.
What is an Israelite temple? There is a list of the sequence of Israelite holy sites according to Jewish Tradition in the Mishna (tractate Zebahim, i.e. Sacrifices). Ebal is not mentioned in this context. There is also a list of criteria for an Israelite temple written by Maimonides, the great Jewish medieval physician/scholar, in his opus Mishne Torah, (chapter Hilchot Bet Ha’Bchira, i.e., Laws of the Chosen House). Maimonides’ criteria are almost identical to those in the most recent scholarly rendition on the same subject: “Temples and Temple Services in Ancient Israel” (Oxford Press, 1979), by the late Prof. Menahem Haran of the Hebrew University.
This author had a running conversation with Haran, spanning  5 years and two continents. After exhaustive discussions, lengthy long-hand letters in the pre-email era, and a number of phone calls, Haran finally admitted the possibility that the author’s concepts actually coincided with his own, and that it was very possible that Ebal was indeed the site of a Temple.
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