Comments by Sami Michael

Below are comments by Sami Michael, noted Israeli fiction author, and President of Israel’s Association for Civil Rights, the Israeli equivalent of the ACLU:

It is certainly true that fascinating discoveries are often revealed by chance. But to realize the significance  of a discovery and to give it the public exposure it deserves takes perceptive insight, determination, and – especially – daring. Zvi Koenigsberg is blessed with all three of these traits…which led him to publish the explosive book“The Lost Temple of Israel”.

This riveting book describes Zvi’s research, covering his participation in the excavations at Mt. Ebal conducted by Professor Adam Zertal of Haifa University, and his subsequent evaluation of the site under the guidance of the late Professor Benjamin Mazar, former president of the Hebrew University, and head of many excavations in Israel including the Western Wall.

The excavation site – Mt. Ebal – is mentioned in Deuteronomy 27 and Joshua 8. The connection between the excavation and the Biblical citations – which apparently were put in writing at the time the site was active, circa 1200 BCE – overturns much of currently accepted biblical scholarship.

The first conclusion resulting from Koenigsberg’s research is that Deuteronomy – and not the epics of Homer – is the earliest text of Western civilization. The second conclusion is also really revolutionary: the only site mentioned in Deuteronomy which may be identified as the “Place that He will choose” – which both traditional and academic scholarship have to date identified as Jerusalem – is actually Mt. Ebal. According to this conclusion, the Jewish people revered Shechem before they revered Jerusalem.

Koenigsberg also identifies Ebal as part of the solution to the mystery of Genesis 48, i.e., why Jacob crossed his arms and transferred his major blessing to Ephraim, the younger son of Joseph, instead of giving it to Mannasseh, the elder son of Joseph.

The author conducted very comprehensive, detailed research over the course of thirty years…consulting with some of the best world renowned experts, who offered considerable help. The result of this amazing effort is the revised version of “The Lost Temple of Israel”. The description of this “loss” is actually a gigantic find for the reader interested in history, religion and sanctity…and on top of that, it is a really great story.

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